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District Contacts

Jeff Weiss, Director

Phone:  925-513-6317

Fax:  925-513-8634


Lynelle Russell, Secretary

Phone: 925-513-6317

Fax: 925-513-8634


Anna Foster, Secretary

Phone: 925-513-6318

Fax: 925-513-8634


Mark Baldwin, Program Specialist  (Adams, Ron Nunn, Krey, Garin)

Phone:  925-513-6300 ext 2273

Fax: 925-513-8634


Robyn Byrd, Program Specialist (Preschool, Loma Vista)

Phone: 925-513-6300  ext 3007

Fax: 925-513-8634


Brooke Gettig, Program Specialist (Bristow, Mary Casey Black, Brentwood Elementary, Out of District Placements)

Phone: 925-513-6300 ext 2250

Fax: 925-513-8634


Kristie Schrick, Program Specialist (Edna Hill, Marsh Creek, Pioneer, Garin P2 and P4)

Phone: 925-513-6300 ext 2283

Fax: 925-513-8634

Brentwood Embraces Students Together (BEST) Group

Welcome Parents!

For the past several years, we have had a Special Education Parents Advisory Committee (SEPAC) which has been our Districtwide parents organization.  The people who have volunteered their time to serve on SEPAC have done a lot to improve special education services in Brentwood and our department would not be where it is today without them.  However, at our last election in May, 2019, we were unable to elect a Chairperson or a Vice Chairperson and so the organization must move in a new direction.

In order to better meet the needs of our families and community members, we are refining the group's focus to concentrate on training and support.  As a result we are changing our name to BEST (Brentwood Embraces Students Together) and restructuring our meetings to consist of a listening and support session and a training session.  We will continue to meet monthly but will alternate between Thursday evening meetings and Tuesday morning meetings at each of our school sites.  The first half of the meeting will be a time for Jeff to listen to parents and respond to their concerns and for parents to get support from the District and from each other.  The second half of the meeting will consist of a predetermined training topic where parents can get information about how the school district works, what to do if their child is struggling in school, and learn about special education and the IEP process.



Join us at the BEST Meeting!

This is a calendar of our BEST meetings for 2019/2020

Join Us!

We're taking the best of SEPAC and expanding it!  More time to discuss concerns and brainstorm solutions.  More time to get support from other people who know what you're going  through.  More time to learn how to be a more effective advocate for your child.