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Harmony for Health - a monthly newsletter

January is Fitness Month 

Happy leap year! 


January is synonymous with making a New Year’s resolution.  Each January, roughly one in three Americans resolve to better themselves in some way.  Eat better, join a gym, exercise more, drink more water, drink less alcohol, get eight hours of sleep every night, and the list goes on.  Sound familiar?  Many of the most popular New Year’s resolutions are focused on living a healthier, more balanced life.


No matter what your resolution is this year, physical activity can go a long way in helping you focus on your goals.  Being active helps you be healthier and stronger and feel your best at every age.  Getting 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least 5 days a week helps to lower your risk of serious illness and improve your mood.  Whether you’re a couch potato imagining a more active life, a senior with a few aches, a busy parent, or a weekend warrior, it can be tough to start and keep moving.  Don’t beat yourself up. 


Think baby steps if you’re just starting out.  Small changes – little by little – and incorporating others can make a difference.  And be creative!  The possibilities are endless.  Take a walk around your neighborhood or work place, invite a friend to go on a bike ride, join a local hiking club, or consider gardening.  Remember that you are a work in progress, which means you will get there a little at a time and not all at once. 


Also, do the things you love to do, and you’ll never feel like your workout is work.  Make fitness more fun with these tips:


  1. Shake things up.  Try a Zumba or Latin dance for a great workout that’s sure to make you smile.
  2. Pat your back.  To stay motivated, set realistic goals and reward yourself for steps you take to reach them.
  3. Do it together.  Take advantage of group energy and plan activities that can get the whole household moving.  And try rallying colleagues for a quick recess or walk break.


January Thrive Recipe   

Cooking at home allows you to control the ingredients and portion sizes your family consumes.  This is important to help you stay healthy by maintaining your weight and reducing risk of health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.  Cooking meals at home also saves money and can create an opportunity to teach your family members about healthy eating.

It may seem overwhelming at first to know where to start.  Try to commit to cooking one healthy meal at home each week and build up from there.  Healthy eating doesn’t mean you have to change all your habits at once.  Small changes can lead to building lifelong healthy habits.

This month’s Thrive recipe is “Crunchy Maple Granola,” which is easy to make, a great weekday breakfast or anytime treat, and customizable to satisfy your taste buds.  You can add different combinations of nuts and seeds, different spices, or try honey or agave instead of maple syrup.  The egg whites are added to make the oats clump together to form crunchy clusters.  Perfect for popping in your mouth as a granola snack!  If you prefer a vegan recipe, simply leave the egg whites out and it still turns out delicious and crunchy.

Serve it for breakfast with kefir (a fermented milk drink with a sour taste, made of a culture of yeasts and bacteria and full of vitamins and probiotics) or almond milk along with fresh seasonal fruit.  It can also be a yummy snack made as a parfait, layered with different-colored fruit and plain yogurt, or as a dessert with apples and cinnamon cooked together and granola sprinkled on top!  Kids can make this recipe mostly on their own with parents only needing to help with the hot pan and stirring.  It also makes a great gift for kid’s teachers, coaches, colleagues, family, friends, and neighbors.  It stays fresh at least 3-weeks if stored in a tight-sealed glass container, such as a Mason jar.  So, here’s to an excellent way to kick-off 2020 and your day.  Enjoy!

A TIP to kick-off the year:  If you haven’t tried a visit to your local farmers market lately, it’s a wonderful time to start.  Buying from your local farmer allows you to support local agriculture, eat fresher produce, select from an amazing variety of produce, and eat locally-grown foods that simply taste better and has optimum nutrients.  It’s also an excellent experience for the whole family.  Meeting your local community and talking to local farmers is an excellent way to learn about the produce around you and feel connected to the world around you, increasing health for your body, mind, and spirit. 


Just click here to take you to the CCCSIG Health Benefits webpage for healthy links!


Crossroads is an electronic newsletter from the Health and Safety Services division of our Workers Compensation JPA, CCCSIG.

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February 12th Issue At-A-Glance:

  • Spotlight – Ola Ala Fitness Challenge Results

  • Success in Our Schools – BUSD’s Healthy Holidays

  • Health & Safety Services You Can Use – Mindfulness is About Simply Being

  • School Safety – Reporting Slip Trip Fall Hazards is Everyone’s Job

  • Healthy Recipe – Vegetable-Loaded Pasta Bake

  • Facts about Worker’s Compensation – CCCSIG’s Early Return-to-Work Program

  • Communication Corner – Habits of Happy People

  • CCCSIG Contest – Crossroads Crosswords Contest (get entered into a drawing for a $10 gift card)!

We love hearing from you!  If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions, please contact Denise Schreiner at or 1 (866) 922-2744 ext. 270!  If you would like to share a health & safety success story and be featured in Crossroads, please contact Erica Williamson at for additional information.



The CCCSIG Health & Safety Services Team  

Past editions are available on the CCCSIG website.

Dental and vision program Newsletter

As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, change is in the air. That's what makes fall a great time for renewal, fresh starts and a super season for shaping up. Fall is a great time to start a fitness program because you will create good habits for the holiday season and the upcoming winter months.

It's time to fine-tune your health by making small changes that yield big results. Give your health a boost this fall with tips so simple you'll hardly know they're healthy. It's time to renew yourself!


1. Let Beans Be a Part of Your Diet
If you do one thing to improve your diet this fall, eat 3 cups of beans each week. Besides being a comfort food, beans add flavor and texture to soups, chili, and casseroles. They're also a great salad topper. Beans are rich in protein, iron, folic acid, fiber, and potassium. So, pick a bean, any bean -- lima, black, garbanzo, pinto, or others -- and enjoy.

2. Defuse Stress with Friendship
Fall is a good time to come back together after the summer scattering of vacations and busy schedules -- a great time to relax with friends. Soothe away stress by making contact in person or by phone with someone you care about, someone you haven't talked to in a while because life got in the way. The positive emotions will make you feel good, and when joy and stress meet up, the joy wins out.

3. Think outside the box.
Always wanted to learn to tap dance? Attempt to box? Master the jump rope? Fall is a great time to learn something new. Many classes at gyms and elsewhere get started in the fall, so look around and see if something intrigues you. And with the kids in school, parents have more time to check out those classes. Fall is the perfect time to gain new physical skills because you burn fewer calories when you begin a new activity (thanks to the learning curve). If you learn something new now, by next summer, you'll have mastered the skill -- and you'll burn more calories doing it, just in time for swimsuit season.

4. Be Tender with Your Teeth
If you do one thing to improve your dental health this fall, turn over a new leaf by ditching habits that are hard on your teeth. That means no more chewing on ice or popcorn kernels. Ice is a crystal and tooth enamel is a crystal — when the two meet, one of them has to give. Sometimes it's the tooth. Popcorn kernels can break teeth or fillings too, and the hull, if lodged in gum tissue, can irritate and cause bacteria buildup.

5. Have Fun with Fitness
Improve your fitness this fall: Try a less-conventional workout to spruce up your regimen. Break out of your fitness rut by taking a ballroom dance class or a mind-body workout such as yoga, Pilates, or Tai chi. You'll be energized and more likely to stick with it.

Take advantage of the weather. Fall can be a treat for the senses: the crisp air, apple picking, pumpkin carving, a gorgeous canopy of fall foliage, and the crunch of leaves underfoot. These months are a great time to exercise outdoors and enjoy cooler temperatures. Walking, hiking and cycling are all awesome in the fall. Discover park trails and take in some new scenery, whether you're walking, biking, or in-line skating.

In places where snow falls early, try cross country skiing or snowshoeing. Or, if you live near the beach, get out and play volleyball, throw the Frisbee around, or play a vigorous game of fetch with your dog. If you're near a lake, try kayaking or canoeing for an excellent whole-body workout and a great change of pace.

6. A Checkup: The Eyes Have It
If you do one thing to improve your vision, take a cue from kids, who often need back-to-school vision exams. Schedule a checkup with your eye doctor. A comprehensive exam should include an evaluation of how clearly you see, how well your eyes work together, and an assessment of your overall eye health.

7. Heart Health - Know Your Numbers
Give your heart health a boost this fall, capitalize on the seasonal sense of renewal to focus on prevention. That means scheduling an appointment with your doctor to get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked, and to see if your blood glucose levels are healthy. Knowing your numbers will help you figure out your personal risk for heart disease.

8. Warm Up with Wine
Diversify your alcohol choice with a room temperature glass of table wine. The warmer drink will take the chill off and the wine, especially red, has heart health benefits. Remember a standard size glass of wine is just 4 ounces. (Pregnant women and others with health reasons who should not to drink should abstain.)

9. Synchronize Your Sleep
Manage the more demanding fall schedules by synchronizing your internal sleep-wake clock to the outside environment. In the morning, get outside within 5 minutes of getting up and expose yourself to bright light for 30 minutes. At night, avoid bright light within two to three hours of bedtime because it might delay your sleep onset. This will keep you alert in the morning and make you sleepy at bedtime.



When the weather finally starts to cool down and the leaves start to change colors, that means you've made it to fall. What makes autumn so spectacular is the endless amount of cozy fall activities you can do together with your family. Whether you want to cuddle up inside with a cup of warm apple cider and watch one of the many Halloween movies – Hocus Pocus, House on Haunted Hill, The Haunted Mansion, to name a few - or take a long scenic drive to admire all the breathtaking autumnal foliage, there is no shortage of fall activities for families to enjoy together. It's never too soon to start adding items to your fall bucket list

Here are fun fall activities every family should have on their bucket list.

1. Tell Ghost Stories
Hit the lights, burn some candles, and gather in the living room to swap spooky stories. If you're having trouble thinking of your own, try reading from one of these Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books.

2. Plant Bulbs for the Spring
The best time to plant tulips bulbs is in the fall, about six to eight weeks before a hard frost is expected, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac. After a dreary winter, you'll be greeted by a yard full of beautiful flowers come springtime.

3. Go Camping
Take advantage of the cooler weather and plan an epic camping trip with the family. Because less people camp in the fall, you'll experience lower rates and fewer crowds — not to mention less bugs, too!

4. Take a Fall Foliage Drive
Pack the family into the car and set off on a scenic drive for a fun afternoon of leaf peeping. Some of the most beautiful drives to take during the fall include a trip down California’s Pacific Coast Highway.

5. Bake Apple Cider Donuts
There's nothing better than biting into a freshly made apple cider donut. Instead of buying them this year from your local fall festival (or, let's be real, in addition to buying them), try your hand at a homemade batch — get the recipe from Country Living.

6. Take a Graveyard Tour
America is full of historical cemeteries, many of which offer guided tours through the graveyards where you can learn more about its storied — and oftentimes spooky — past. For cemeteries in California, check this website.

7. Go Apple Picking
Looking for a beautiful orchard or the best apples in your region? Check this website for the 6 best apple orchards in Northern California For A Fall Day.

8. Make Dinner Inside a Pumpkin
Pumpkins aren't just for decoration. Serve dinner in a cute carved-out pumpkin. Surf the web for ideas or click here.






Fitness Resources

A variety of local gyms offer discounts to BUSD employees.  The list below provides current discounts of which Human Resources is aware.  If you know of others, please contact anyone in Human Resources and we will follow up with the company.








CCCSIG Enrollment Portal

Enter Corporate ID:  # 111131

To view/print flyer and 3-day pass, click here.


For rates, click here.

All active employees

(perm, sub and contractors)/retirees and their families are eligible as long as they can show proof of employment.

All new members receive ZERO initiation fee and $10 off monthly membership dues for 6 months.


**Special 12-Days of Fitness**

Diamond Hills is offering a special 12 Days of Fitness holiday gift membership to all new members.  For BUSD employees who are Diamond Hills members, they can give the gift of health and fitness to a friend or family member this holiday season.

It’s a great gift and best of all it’s FREE!  This holiday promotion will run until December 20th, 2018. Please contact:  Ann Mead at Diamond Hills at

All currently employed by BUSD can receive discount promotion. You will need to show your BUSD badge or document/such as pay stub showing BUSD as employer.

No Start Up Fee

Discounted Rate ($47)

FREE Personal Training Assessment

FREE Two-Week Mx4 Class Pass 

See Flier Here

CLICK HERE CLICK HERE Only active employees (which include perm, sub and contractors) are eligible. Retirees are not eligible. Employees can add on family members, who also receive a discount on the add on rate. When enrolling, be sure to mention CCCSIG for discount (not BUSD).

* Teacher Special! $79 for the first month and $129 after that. All teachers can come for 1 week FREE too and try it out. That is for unlimited classes, nutritional support and personal training. 


*Boot Camp Special! 6 week Boot Camp Starting August 25 is only $189 - a $50 savings.  


CLICK HERE Details Pending - please check back Details Pending - please check back