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Roxane Jablonski-Liu
Assistant Superintendent


Emily Cooper
District Secretary


Dena Craig
Sr. Account Clerk - Payroll

Donyel Douglas
Personnel Specialist - Certificated


Lisa Shaw
Sr. Account Clerk - Benefits


Debbie Valladao
Personnel Specialist - Classified

Open Enrollment

2022 Open Enrollment: 

OCTOBER 25 - NOVEMBER 12, 2021

NEW FOR 2022 Open Enrollment

  • PPO Option with UnitedHealth Care (see additional information below)

  • Vision insurance now through VSP (see additional information below)

2022 Open Enrollment for health coverage is       Monday, October 25 at 6:30 AM until                         Friday, November 12 at 9:00 PM. 



  • You are changing medical insurance plans.

  • You are adding or removing dependents without a significant life event.*

  • You do not participate in BUSD medical insurance coverage (see Waiver of Coverage below).

  • You have a Flexible Spending Acccount and/or Dependent Day Care Account.

  • You want to add, change and/or drop any optional insurance coverage through Building Blocks/Colonial Life.

  • You receive Cash Option.

  • You are eligible for medical coverage with BUSD but do not participate in it.

  • You are enrolling a child in Dental insurance who will turn 5 or less during the 2022 calendar year.

  • You are enrolling in or changing vision coverage.

*Dependents may only added to dental coverage if there is a significant life event or for a child who is less than 5 or will turn 5 in the next calendar year.

Building blocks

Building Blocks provides two services to BUSD employees.

  1. Assist you with completing Open Enrollment. 

  2. Providing you with information about optional insurance programs such as disability, cancer and/or life insurance as well as Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and/or Dependent Day Care.

For 2022 Open Enrollment, BUSD employees are NOT required to have an appointment with Building Blocks unless you want to make changes to your optional insurance policies through Building Blocks/Colonial Life.

If you want assistance with completing Open Enrollment, you can make an appointment with Building Blocks by

All appointments are via a screensharing session so you will need to be at an electronic device with internet access during your appointment.  The flyer and informational booklet linked via the buttons below provide you with more information about Building Blocks.

You will receive a free Well Savings Card that provides discounts on medical, pharmacy, dental & vision care, health and wellness, pets and more for participating in an enrollment session with Building Blocks.

Benefit Bridge

Open Enrollment is done through Benefit Bridge.   Benefit Bridge is an online system for benefit enrollment and changes.  Employees are able to upload documents pertaining to their benefits (birth certificates, marriage certificates, Medical Coverage Waiver forms, etc.) directly into Benefit Bridge.

These directions provide employees with support the enrollment process.  They will open in a separate window to support you with the login and enrollment process.

If you need additional support a Building Blocks advisor can asssist you.  Schedule your appointment by going to . Additionally, you may call Benefit Bridge Customer Care at 800-814-1862 or email them at

2022 Health Benefits Table 

 The 2022 Health Benefits table is available here.  The linked document allows employees to adjust the District contribution if they are less than full time.  You do need to have a Google Drive account to open this document. You will be forced to create a copy of the document.  If you do not have Google Drive, a pdf version of the table is available here.  

The 2022 Health Benefits table reflects increases in premiums from Kaiser, 0%; Sutter Health Plus, 3.5%; and UHC, .   It also shows the rates for a new medical carrier, United Healthcare.  The Health Benefits Table does not reflect any change in District contribution toward medical benefits as an increase has not been negotiated with any employee association/group.  If an increase is negotiated, an updated Health Benefits Table will be sent via email to all employees.  

Waiver of Medical Coverage 

ALL employees who waive District Medical Coverage must annually enroll in this program.


Enrollment in cash option/cash in lieu is a two-step process.

  1. Select "Waive Medical" as your medical insurance option in Benefit Bridge
    1. This requires you to login to Benefit Bridge, see above.  
  2. Submit a signed current copy of the Waiver of Group Medical Coverage Form and required supporting document(s) if required.  The signed Waiver of Group Medical Coverage Form and supporting documents can be submitted via Benefit Bridge or sent in hard copy or via email to your respective Personnel Specialist in Human Resources:  Donyel Douglas for Certificated Staff or Debbie Valladao for Classified Staff.
    1. If you have the employer with whom you have group medical insurance complete and sign the box on the Waiver of Group Medical Coverage Form, you do not need to submit additional information.
    2. If you are unable to have the employer with whom you have group medical insurance complete and sign the box on the Waiver of Group Medical Coverage Form, you must also submit proof of coverage effective January 1, 2022.  Acceptable proof includes
      1. Documentation from that employer's Open Enrollment process showing coverage and no changes.
      2. Documentation from the insurance carrier showing coverage that indicates no ending date.
      3. Documentation must include
        1. The group policy number
        2. The BUSD employee's name as covered under the policy
      4. If you have questions about the documentation you are able to obtain, contact your respective Personnel Specialist in Human Resources:  Donyel Douglas for Certificated Staff or Debbie Valladao for Classified Staff.

Samples of Appropriate Documentation of Other Group Coverage

2021 Insurance Options Information 

 (The cost for 2022 health insurance options is listed above on the Health Benefits Table.  (see above)


Below are the specific summary of benefits for each health insurance option offered under each of Brentwood Union School District's health coverage.  



         Delta Dental



Sutter Health Plus

United HealthCare  (NEW for 2021)

VISION (Now offered through VSP)