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Distance Learning Resources for Parents

Frequently ASked questions about Distance Learning and SPecial education

Updated 5/17/2021:

Is the District providing in-person services?

  • As of now, students have the option to attend classes in person or via online meetings.  Please work with your case manager and Program Specialist to make sure you student is in the best possible program for him or her.

My child didn't learn anything last year during distance learning, how is he going to learn anything now and what is the school district going to do to make up for his learning loss?

  • Our school district is going to be offering summer classes to selected students and work packets to every interested student
    • If you are concerned about your child, please reach out to their case manager or teacher to either get them enrolled in summer classes or to pick up packets of academic work they can do over the summer to improve their skills
  • All students experienced some unfinished teaching last year due to the need for distance learning and so all of our teachers will be taking that into account as they plan their instruction for this upcoming school year.  
  • Your student's IEP can always be adjusted to focus on new goals if that is needed  and an IEP meeting would be the place to discuss this further.  Your IEP team can consider what would allow your student to make the fastest progress

How can I support the school with what they are doing to make sure my student is successful?

  • Communicate with your child's teacher so you understand how our new hybrid learning model works and how you can maintain consistent expectations with the teacher
    • Ask questions when something isn't clear and say something if you need something

When will we be resuming IEP meetings?

  • Our hardworking special education case managers have been scheduling and holding IEP meetings every day.  Since we were forced to suspend some meetings last year, there are many IEP meetings to be conducted so please be patient as we schedule them.  Please keep in mind that all of your child's IEP team members have a lot of things to do with planning and providing distance learning and so they will be having meetings as quickly as they can.  Please be patient

What is the plan for testing students for special education eligibility?

  • Although this important function was delayed during the pandemic, we have resumed in-person testing and are completing the testing and associated IEP meetings as quickly as we can.  We will continue testing throughout the summer with the goal of reducing the number of outstanding assessments as quickly as possible  

In the future will we be having in- person IEP meetings or via teleconference?

  • We hope we will be able to offer either an in-person or digital options for our IEP meetings next year so as to allow for greater access to the meetings.  We are still researching this

Are our schools safe?

  • The answer to this is an unequivocal "yes".  Our district is taking sanitization and safety very seriously and there are detailed protocols in place that allow us to do everything possible to keep everyone safe