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Curriculum & Instruction


The Curriculum and Instruction department is committed to improved learning and academic achievement for all students within the district.  To that end the C&I dept is focused on the district’s LCAP goals and strategies.


At the end of this past school year, students in grades three through eight participated in the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP).

Last year, your child took the following test(s), depending on their grade level:

  • Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments for English language arts/literacy (ELA) and mathematics in grades three through eight OR the California Alternate Assessment (CAA)
  • California Science Test (CAST) in grades five and eight


Scores for students will be available at the beginning of the 19-20 school year.  Based on grade level score reports will be distributed in the following ways:

  • Score Reports for grades 3 and 4 will be sent home with students.
  • Scores Reports for grades 5 through 7 will be made available in the BUSD parent portal.
  • Score Reports for grade 8 students will be available in the LUHSD parent portal.


These reports show scores for ELA and mathematics. They include an overall score for each subject and information about how well your child did in different areas. 

To learn more about your child’s scores, go to the new parent web page called Starting Smarter, available at

This site includes:

  • resources to help understand results on the student score reports
  • access to sample test questions and practice tests
  • no-cost resources to support learning
  • a guide for parent-teacher conferences

In our district, the test results are just one way to look at how well our students are doing. We use the results to find areas where students are doing well and areas in which they need help.

Note: If your child took the CAST results will be provided to you in the late fall.

If you have questions or concerns, please call your child’s school office.


C&I BUSD 2017-18 LCAP Goals
Goal 1: Standards, Benchmarks and Frameworks: Align instruction and Student Learning to Common Core State Standards (CCSS), English Language Development (ELD) Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Goal 2: Intervention:  Identification and implementation of a consistent, research based program structure and service model to meet the needs of all students Goal 3: Technology: All students will utilize technology in order to meet the demands of the Common Core and prepare for college and career readiness
  • Provide professional development on curriculum, instructional planning, and strategies aligned to implementing adopted State Standards

  • Continue to implement:

    • ELD plans

    • NGSS plans

    • A comprehensive and balanced assessment system

    • Instructional techniques and strategies aligned to the frameworks (Close Reading, Literacy Practices, etc.)

    • Evidence based lesson planning

  • Continue staffing support to ensure consistent implementation of State Standards

  • Provide parent education and support around the standards, curriculum, and instruction

  • Utilize Professional Learning Communities to support teaching and learning

  • Continue staffing (coaching), resources, PD, and leadership to develop and support the consistent implementation of Response to Intervention (RtI) and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) in the least restrictive environment

  • Use disaggregated data to analyze results of subgroups to meet the needs of targeted students and student groups

  • Implement Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program based on GATE review recommendations

  • Support students with reading challenges by providing structured, multisensory, phonics based reading intervention curricula and professional development  

  • Continue professional development on:

  • Integration of technology in the content areas
  • The technology scope and sequence

  • Identified staff technology needs

  • Refine and implement technology scope and sequence crosswalk to meet state standards and 21st century learning demands

  • Provide staffing support to ensure maintenance of technology and instructional leadership as a result of increase in technology district-wide.

  • Implement aligned and articulated Computer Science instruction

  • Continue to explore technological options for increasing accessibility to State Standard curriculum



State Testing Dates

Test Grades Dates
PFT - Physical Fitness Test Grades 5 and 7 Feb. 3 - May 15, 2020

CAASPP Testing

CAST:  Grade 5 and 8 - Science

SBAC/CAA:  Grades 3 - 8 - ELA and Mathematics

April 23 - May 15, 2020







Michael Bowen, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

  • 925-513-6300 ext 6330

Lisa Brizendine, TSA of Curriculum Technology

  • 925-513-6300 ext 2262

Liz Ybarra, Coordinator of Elementary Programs

  • 925-513-6300 ext 2272

Tamara DeYoe, Coordinator of Middle School Programs

  • 925-513-6300 ext 2260

Linda Hanson, Secretary of Curriculum and Instruction

  • 925-513-6300 ext 6330

Jennifer Whitney, Coordinator of Intervention

  • 925-513-6300 ext 2264

Jessica Ranger, TSA of GATE Programs

  • 925-513-6300 ext 2281