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FrontLine Education (formerly Aesop)


Effective February 10, 2017, Frontline Education (Formerly Aesop) has replaced SubFinder as a substitute placement and absence management system.

Frontline completely automates the process of substitute placement and absence management for every school in the Brentwood Union School District.  Integrated phone and internet technologies allow all personnel to access the service anytime, anywhere.  Frontline also saves data entry time by integrating with our Human Resources and Payroll systems.

  • Teachers can register absences at any time.
  • Substitutes can search for and accept jobs through the phone or internet, plus receive automatic notification of open positions. 
  • Administrators stay informed through extensive reporting. 


PLEAE NOTE:  All absences for all employees will be entered in Frontline, regardless of whether or not that employee’s position or absence requires a substitute.



In the event of a service disruption with the online services,

please feel free to call the number listed below and follow the prompts.

Or you may call Frontline at 1-800-942-3767



Employee Quick Start Guide:


Substitute Quick Start Guide: